wait, how do i plan for engagement photos?

i’m not a regular bride, i’m a cool bride. If you didn’t read that in Regina George’s mom’s voice then we probably can’t be friends. But it’s true. I’m uncomfortable with a lot of attention and have never, and I mean never, been one of those girls who dreamed about a wedding. I just never did. So when I got engaged and a million questions … Continue reading wait, how do i plan for engagement photos?

arkansas hiking trails

Rocky Valley & East Quarry Trails

We spent the morning exploring a new side to a familiar state park. While I’ve spent years hiking Pinnacle Mountain, I’ve never seen this east side view. It was surprisingly – or not – beautiful in its simplicity. No it didn’t offer the best view in the park. But it did offer a moderately strenuous trail through rolling hills and thick forrest. It did offer … Continue reading Rocky Valley & East Quarry Trails

building self worth


I did not hike this week due to the weather. Instead, I went to a Krav Maga self-defense class. Talk about empowerment – with each elbow strike, escape manuever, and push I felt stronger both mentally and physically. As our instructor lead us through the fundamentals, he continued to emphasize the importance of self-defense, of valuing your own life enough to learn these skills. It … Continue reading Worthiness

Rattlesnake Ridge

In my battle against mental fatigue & burnout, I’ve decided to attempt to hike at least once a week…for the entire year. It sounds crazy, but there’s something about nature that uplifts my soul. While tackling organizational and money projects this year, I think I need to inject my life with some good old fashioned sunshine. Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area This week’s hike was a … Continue reading Rattlesnake Ridge