2019 ladies & gents

Welcoming in the new year can be really motivating for some people. For other people, the horrific hangover of January 1 leaves them with no choice but to find some motivation to not feel this shitty for the rest of the year. Luckily for me, the hangover won and I am now motivated. Like all tiers of basicness (more on that later) I’ve made some resolutions. Let’s break them down.


I want my 2019 to be all about consistency. If you’re like me, your 2018 was a roller coaster. Amazing highs, like all the trips I took with my love. Rock bottom lows, like my job.


This is a big one for me. Talking about money always makes me uncomfortable. Maybe because my parents never really talked about it or because just the other day a good friend of mine braggingly told me “I make more money than you”….

I started 2019 by paying off one credit card and consolidating my student loans. I want to follow a Dave Ramsey style snowball and continue to spend that amount on my next credit card.

For spending, I went through EVERY transaction from November to January and noted where I could make cuts. 5 simple cuts & I’m $100 richer every month. Maldives here I come. Smell ya later to the following:

  1. BOTM: Book of the Month. This was only $15/month but I’ve only read two & have about 9 stacked up. Not worth it at this time.
  2. HULU: sorry to everyone using my account. I rewatched all the seasons of Vanderpump Rules & almost finished the first season of Handmaids Tale…that’s it. $7.99 saved.
  3. Adobe Stock: I started this blog in 2016 and this is my first post. I think it was a little ambitious to purchase a $29.99/month package for stock photos.
  4. Groceries: 2018 was the year of buying all my groceries on Sunday and then stopping at Kroger every morning on my way to work for drinks and extra snacks. wtf. why. Not sure how much this will save but if I didn’t buy it on Sunday, I’m not buying it.
  5. Going out to eat more than 2x a week. Again, not sure of the actual cost, but for sake of this post let’s say this will save $50/month.
I have until February to use all my images from adobe stock. Don’t be this man in 2019.


I love working out. Lately with the stress of my job & car sitch I’ve been less than motivated. Luckily my boyfriend will be competing in a powerlifting meet in April. He starts his prep in a little over a week. While his determination will likely rub off on me, I’ve decided I can’t trust that and am making my own plan.

I’ll be doing the Noelle Benepe 4-week challenge to kickstart the year before shifting back into 5-3-1 powerlifting. I will be completing at least 2 hiit * workouts a week and 1 liss*

hiit: fucking sucks. high intensity interval training. lots of burpees, kettlebell swings, and sprints.

liss: low intensity interval training. Think walking on the treadmill while reading one of the several books I bought from BOTM.


Again, the boyfriend starts prep in a little over a week for a powerlifting meet. While he will be focusing on eating more (excuse me what) I will be focusing on IF. Intermittent Fasting. I will be eating for 8 hours a day (my plan is to eat the entire 8 hours. jk) and fasting for 16. Mainly to not have to count calories or macros (best option for fat loss btw) and to naturally put myself in a calorie deficit without depriving myself. I will do a cheat meal once a week bc yolo and brunch.

Do you subscribe to resolutions? Plan on bettering yourself in 2019 or staying the same bitch?

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