basic, as a tier

People think being basic is all Uggs, pumpkin spice lattes, and fall flannel. But it’s so much more. It’s a tier. Let’s break it down cosmoquiz style.

Found this on Adobe Stock. This girl will lead the basics in the near future.
Just throw a preset on it before posting.

Give yourself 1 point for the following:

  • Watched Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour on Netflix
  • Are diamond or platinum status at Ulta
  • Have purchased something on Instagram. Add two points if it was a jade roller
  • Own a CC beanie
  • Know the words to the opening cheer from Bring It On
  • Had a favorite twin from the Parent Trap
  • Have a multi-step skincare routine. Add a bonus point if it’s a korean beauty system

Give yourself 2 points for the following:

  • Know E! social media game is wack and that they steal content from The Morning Toast
  • Have thought about or tried drinking celery juice
  • DM celebrities or influencers on a regular basis. Add a point if you do this more when intoxicated
  • Watched Ariana’s Thank U, Next video when it aired live
  • Have had a question asked on WWHL
  • Attempted to dance like Lindsey in Mykonos
  • Own some sort of preset even if you aren’t sure how to use them yet
  • Have ordered KKW or Kylie Cosmetics and don’t regret it

Give yourself 3 points for the following:

  • Own a 4 things shirt or tote, giving keys, or james avery charm bracelet, or some sort of Charlie Southern or shirt with culturally relevant phrase on it (Example: Nap Queen, guac is extra & so am i, any namaslay or namastay in bed)
  • Went a little overboard with the smooth feature on FaceTune
  • Have watched the entire series of The O.C., Laguna Beach, Gossip Girl, The Hills, or One Tree Hill more than one time
  • Have made an alcoholic drink with crystal light
  • You have “Live, Laugh, Love” or any other positive affirmation tchotchke up in your home (if you’re unfamiliar with tchotchkes stay tuned I’ll post on those bad boys later)
  • You went to Nashville for your bachelorette and made your girls wear some sort of matching Nash Bach shirts & hashtagged everything #NashBash…

0-6 points

You’re barely basic. Like truly, your behavior is acceptable. You’re doing great sweetie and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your basic choices.

7-20 points

You are solidly basic. You partake in the trifecta of basicness: Bravo, instagram thottery, and celebrity culture. You probably live for karaoke & have a 90s, 2000s, or dance mix Spotify playlist to listen to while getting ready. People love your basicness bc it’s authentic & makes you fucking happy. You go Glen Coco.

21+ points

Woah. You may need some help. Look, you like what you like but just know people are talking about you. Own it you glorious basic bitch.

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