the burnout generation

I recently read this article on the burnout generation, oh hi millennials. I related to almost every aspect the author mentioned – difficulty completing straightforward tasks, the mental fatigue due to lack of space optimization, and the overwhelming shame in putting off these tasks.

oh hi. it me.

Of course it’s alarmingly simple: just do it. But alas Nike, that just isn’t working for me. I need a way to stop my mind from crafting that just-right excuse that enables me to roll whatever obligation or errand over until the purgatory that is “tomorrow”. After skimming a lot of self-help, self-care, and self-loathing articles, I found no answer but developed a plan.

nature calling.

I want to do something each week that fulfills me. I challenged myself to explore more in 2019 and I want to do just that – explore my state. Arkansas has hundreds of gorgeous trails covering untouched wilderness, stunning vistas, and beautiful waterways. There is an Instagram challenge, isn’t there always, called the #52weekchallenge where participants are to complete 1 hike each week for the 52 weeks of the year. That seems more daunting than running errands honestly. Realistically, I will likely hit 2 a month but even so I’m confident in the mental rewards that will come from being in nature that much.

It worked for Thoreau soooo obviously it’s a solid plan.

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