wait, how do i plan for engagement photos?

i’m not a regular bride, i’m a cool bride.

If you didn’t read that in Regina George’s mom’s voice then we probably can’t be friends. But it’s true. I’m uncomfortable with a lot of attention and have never, and I mean never, been one of those girls who dreamed about a wedding. I just never did. So when I got engaged and a million questions came rolling in:

  • What are your colors?
  • What kind of dress do you want?
  • Will Rex wear a tux?
  • What’s your theme?

discover your aesthetic

“what’s your theme” makes me think of corny prom themes. A night to remember, an evening in paris, through the decades.. whatever. I’m cringing already. But discovering what your wedding style will be is crucial and will make all other decisions a million times easier.

  • make a list of the things you like to do as a couple — believe it or not, its also your partner’s wedding
  • be inspired by your space — notice what type of art, decor, music, or instagram flows are you drawn to
  • utilize visual search engines — um hello pinterest. Type in any of the words from above + wedding and be inspired
  • find locations that inspire you

finding a photographer

Have I even looked at wedding photographers? Nope. Never. Here’s how I found my amazing photographer without any arkansas wedding knowledge.

  • harness the power of instagram with hashtags to find images that fit your aesthetic — i searched popular, local wedding hashtags to find the type of images i liked and made a list
  • connect with your top picks — i met with 1 photographer over coffee and one over video chat to figure out who meshed with me
  • decide who will make the experience enjoyable — at this point you know you like their photos, so who will make it fun when you’re sweating it out taking photos in front of strangers trying to portray your love?

choose a wardrobe that makes you feel good

This seems really simple but it’s the most important. Those jeans that make you feel like your ass looks amazing? WEAR THEM. The top your fiance likes? WEAR IT. When you feel like you look good, it translates. If someone says you should wear something timeless that will look good 10, 20, 30 years from now? IGNORE THEM. I mean, consider it a little — but only if you want to. Your engagement photo shoot should be fun. It should be time to celebrate your love with irreverence. It should not be a time to worry about how you look.

I’m so glad i decided to bring a casual look in addition to a dressier look. Because I didn’t feel like the dressier look fit our vibe. Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful and our parents love them, but they’re not us. See for yourself. We love the outdoors and shot at Petit Jean State Park. I wanted my photos to capture the raw beauty and magic of the arkansas wilderness. mission accomplished.

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