design your own wedding invites on canva

how to design your own wedding invites + paper

why i decided to design my own

I do not identify as a bride. The whole wedding concept feels weird and uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the all the attention. Or the fact that literally everyone wants to tell you what to do while simultaneously telling you to fuck everyone and do it your own way… either way, when I looked at chic paperie and pinterest inspo, none of it felt like me.

Then I remembered, I work in a creative field. I worked for a fortune 500 retailer with stunning design and top-notch graphic artists, photography, and design. I’ve seen it enough. I’ve minimally edited design (yes I was yelled at every time) so why not just make my own the way I want it?


I looked at a million flat lays of all the pieces that make up a couple’s wedding paper. As a writer, I wanted my paper to tell a story — our story. That means that each piece plays a part in our story. As a copywriter, I understand that each piece must serve a purpose to my audience.

The introduction. It tells my guests who we are along with giving subtle hints into the type of wedding we’ll be having — a celebration that’s as magical as this sunset.

Someone holding this won’t know all the little details. Like the font choice that reflects the venue, a historic bathhouse that opened in 1916. Or that the greenery of the arkansas outdoors inspired every decision. But i see it.

invites & what i’m including

Again, when I think about my wedding paper, I think of the story I want to tell and how each piece contributes to that story.

our love | the outdoors | wild beauty | people we love

let’s talk next steps

  • good food, great people & bad dancing to follow — for my actual invite I wanted to find a clever & concise way to ensure your guests have the info they need to see your ceremony & then lead them to the next step
  • family memories start with the joy of sharing a meal — okay so I have very little patience for dietary restrictions. maybe that means I’m a bitch, but it’s on my dime so I’m sending the menu in advance so guests can plan accordingly
  • last call for the shuttle back to the hotel — people struggle with not knowing. I decided to include a details card with a rough schedule
  • send me back to the hamels — make rsvp’ing easy for your guests. I filled out the rsvp postcard for each guest. all it needs is a check & a mailman

merry christmas ya filthy animals

yes I’m including a christmas card because I’m a glutton for punishment & I want to stress myself in order to spread holiday cheer.

canva yall. it’s so easy

Canva is an easy-to-use design platform that is made for people who are scared of adobe illustrator and indesign. oh hi, it me. I’ve used adobe programs at both Dillard’s and my current job, but they’re not intuitive for me and I don’t use them enough.

questions? drop ’em below.

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