oh, hello there.

Hi, I’m Sarah and welcome to my blog. This is my little creative space where I’ll share my life with the 2 people + my aunt who will maybe consider following me.

I plan on using this blog as much as I possibly can – stay tuned to see if will I be a regular, consistent poster – in the hopes of sharing everything I love in life. From music I’m loving to the food I can’t put down, you’ll find it all here.

But first, cheers to not taking life too seriously. I’m here for a good time full of laughter, poorly-timed jokes, and all the Bravo shows

I’m a full-time advertising copywriter living in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have a black cat and a life full of hilarious characters. 

All opinions expressed are my own, please contact me if you’d like to work together in any capacity: dashtipour.sarah@gmail.com

I’m not sure, but let’s find out together. xoxo – sarah