what is pretty unpolished?

Working in advertising, marketing, and digital production for Dillard’s, I wrote the word “polished” more times than I can count. From Calvin Klein to Southern Living, we sold an image of a woman who had it all together. Now don’t get me wrong, I love finely tailored clothes, thoughtfully-designed spaces, and a chic shoe as much as the next woman, but the reality of life is quite different.

it’s real life, but with a good preset.

Aspirational branding simply isn’t realistic. I connect with brands that fit into my real, everyday life. Catch me in a Calvin Klein coat, $12 H&M sweater, and Old Navy rockstars. Did I find my bar cart on Facebook marketplace for $25? Yes I did. Did I purchase $140 jeans from Show Me Your Mumu? Also yes. My life is pretty unpolished. And I want to share it. It’s not aspirational.

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I’m also slightly obsessed with content & content strategy. And by slightly I mean that I spend my free time reading article after article on lead gen, seo & funnels.

so on brand

Don’t get me started on branding. I get emotional about fonts & live for consistent brand voice. I mean I am a writer after all…

oh, hello there.